Brand New Chimichanga

Monday, December 12, 2005

Break Away

So I haven't been writing much lately but I honestly just haven't felt much like it. I'm not really sure why that is, though. Guess I just needed a little break. I don't have much to report these days. I managed to have a pretty good birthday which is always good. I got to celebrate for a whole week with good friends and family. My level of dislike for the cowboy has reached an all time high and I must resist the urge to slap him when ever he talks to me. Tommy Lee and I are cool as ever and he wants to hang out with me way more now than when we attempted to date. Go figure. I have met quite possibly the worst kisser in the world. Ladies, if you thought that episode of Sex and the City with Charlotte and the really bad kisser was an urban myth, I assure you it's not. I'm still having nightmares and my lips were chapped for 3 days. Harry Potter was pretty good. Thank God, since I've seen it 3 times already. I also saw Rent. It was good but made me f-ing bawl. Oh and my nephew is officially one year old today.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hope Has a Place

Instead of my usual rambling, bitching, self indulgent blogging, I would like to remind everyone that today is World AIDS Day...

In 1988, the World Health Organization designated December 1 as a day of international observance of the global impact of HIV/AIDS. Since then, World AIDS Day has played an important role in raising awareness of HIV/AIDS and spurring collective action.

On World AIDS Day, we remember the 20 million people who have died of AIDS and recognize the 40 million who are living with HIV/AIDS. On this day, the world is urged to do more to curb the spread of HIV and end the stigma associated with the disease.

The theme of World AIDS Day 2005 and for the next several years will be "Stop AIDS: Keep the Promise," a call to action urging governments to stay true to the promises and commitments they have made to ending the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

To read more or even better, to make a donation please visit amfAR. Or kill two birds with one stone, to do some Christmas shopping and give to a good cause visit Until There's a Cure.