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Monday, January 29, 2007

Love Me Tender

I'm beginning to think my relationship with the Big Bad Wolf is like a muscle. When you tear it down a little it just grows back a bit stronger. We totally had that moment yesterday. The weekend was a mixed bag. There were parts of it that were really great. The nice dinner at the tapas restaurant. The out of town shopping trip. Sharing the gelato. Grabbing my hand while strolling around window shopping. Coffee and the morning paper. There was some crap that came along with it too. Preoccupation on my part that put a damper on things. A misunderstanding that led to some hurt feelings and tears.

Finally we talked it all out over brunch Sunday and I got everything off my chest (well with the exception of one thing, but he doesn't need to know about that just yet). I think both of us felt immensely better afterwards. I know I did. It was like a ton of bricks had be unloaded off my chest. I could breath again.

That night I was totally in the mood to make dinner so I did. I bought wine and made bruschetta, and vodka cream sauce, and a lovely dessert of fresh pears, walnuts, blue cheese and balsamic reduction. And I did this all for my BOYFRIEND. We had such a nice night and there was such a wonderfully intimate vibe (and no I'm not talking about sex). At one point I'm sure that he considered telling me he loved me. I could see it in his eyes and for now that's enough. Quite possibly the best part about last night was falling asleep curled into him with my hand tucked into his. That might be the best sleep I've ever had.


At 30/1/07 1:21 PM, Blogger Sally O'Malley said...

Glad you are feeling better now. Sometimes you just have to purge the ugliness and uncertainty by saying the things you need to say and asking the questions you need to ask. I'm a big believe in speaking up - otherwise, it just eats away at you...

I'll be in your neck of the woods for work on Feb 23 - maybe you'll have time to get together?

At 4/2/07 12:05 PM, Blogger DrinkJack said...

If you can openly express your thoughts to the one you care for, then it is a good sign it is working. I have the opinion that speculation is just a waste of time when a question/answer can eliminate it in an instant.


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